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02 February 2014 @ 01:37 pm
For those who care to know...  

<iframe src="http://free.timeanddate.com/countdown/i40aom72/n2065/cf111/cm0/cu3/ct3/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cacf00/cpcf00/pc300/tc222/fn3/fs150/szw448/szh189/tatTime%20left%20to%20SAVE%20YOURSELF!/tac000/tptWalkers%20have%20taken%20OVER!/tpc000/matThe%20Walking%20Dead%20Returns.../mac900/mptThe%20Walking%20Dead%20Returned!/mpc900/iso2014-02-09T21:00:00/bas5/bat4/bac630/pa5" frameborder="0" width="468" height="209"></iframe>

OKAY...SO...here's the deal...

Somewhere along the line of these past 10ish years, I've either become HTML illiterate OR....I'm just to old!? EITHER WAY...I cannot for the life of me get this link to work?! (Meaning, show the picture instead of the link!) I've literally tried several (5 to be exact..lol) different things to get the picture to show INSTEAD of the link....GAHHHH.


Whomever enjoys The Walking Dead series, this is a ticker I made for the "Mid-Season" premiere! <3

on AMC February 9th, Twenty14 at 9pm

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