Fergs 20-Twelve

For those who care to know...

<iframe src="http://free.timeanddate.com/countdown/i40aom72/n2065/cf111/cm0/cu3/ct3/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cacf00/cpcf00/pc300/tc222/fn3/fs150/szw448/szh189/tatTime%20left%20to%20SAVE%20YOURSELF!/tac000/tptWalkers%20have%20taken%20OVER!/tpc000/matThe%20Walking%20Dead%20Returns.../mac900/mptThe%20Walking%20Dead%20Returned!/mpc900/iso2014-02-09T21:00:00/bas5/bat4/bac630/pa5" frameborder="0" width="468" height="209"></iframe>

OKAY...SO...here's the deal...

Somewhere along the line of these past 10ish years, I've either become HTML illiterate OR....I'm just to old!? EITHER WAY...I cannot for the life of me get this link to work?! (Meaning, show the picture instead of the link!) I've literally tried several (5 to be exact..lol) different things to get the picture to show INSTEAD of the link....GAHHHH.


Whomever enjoys The Walking Dead series, this is a ticker I made for the "Mid-Season" premiere! <3

on AMC February 9th, Twenty14 at 9pm

Fergs 20-Twelve

I'm back....again!


I really am horrible at updating, these days! WOW. I'm just saying, but if I would've updated [or lack there of] like this..ohhh *cough* 10 years ago *cough*.....I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD'VE DONE WITH MYSELF! ELLE-JAY FOR LIIIIIFE! *HA-HA* But in all fairness, 10 years ago I didn't have any children 'biting' at my ankles, a career, NOR a mutual..'loving'..relationship...LOL. ;)

I'd REALLY like to make this more than a 'once a year' kind of situation! I mean, this would definitely qualify as an acceptable 'Step Backwards'! So why not? Not to mention, I've always left here feeling a little more understood?/heard?/situated?/etc. and slightly less discombobulated, per say. (WHO AM I TRYING TO CONVINCE HERE? lol. Is it working yet?!?)

Something NEW? hmmmm....
I've been contemplating starting a legitimate blogging site (OMGAHHH! EVERYONE'S DOING IT!!). I REALLY love LOVE expressing and manipulating my thoughts into words. ALWAYS have. There's just something completely gratifying about being honest with your thoughts, and then turning those thoughts into entertainment..for all! Plus- YOLO!? (At least that's what all these kids are saying now a days! Meanwhile, I'm over here screaming "GDOYLO! --Get Down Our Your Life's OVER!" --BLANK STARE-- mmmyeah, I don't know. It made complete sense at the time. Don't ask. & Now Moving Forwards....)

Grrr...'me' time has come to a abrupt halt...I must run a long for now...someone, somewhere, in my home...needs me...RIGHT NOW! It JUST "CANNOT wait"! lolll.

*Okay, I know. This was NOT very productive. I understand...but....ITS BEEN AWHILE! Jeesh! Cut a 'MOTHA' some slack! *HA-HA* I'm kidding!....BUT REALLY! ;) And although, I cannot promise myself, or you, the exact details of how OFTEN I'll be updating, I WILL however say this: I WILL update at least once a year! LOL. SO...if this is my ONE TIME this year to update....ITS BEEN WONDERFUL! ;) (hahaha, Its sadly hilarious how I'm talking about wanting to start a blogging site...yet at the same time, I can't even commit to  updating more than once a YEAR on here! **FAIL** ...Oh good Lawdy!)

....'til next time, my dear LJ Friends!
(....OR maybe I'm just typing to myself? :D If so, that's okay too! lol.)


Fergs 20-Twelve

i think...

...i'm hitting that prelabor stage.

i've been having braxton hicks forever now & when i say that i mean, like months.. so nothing new there.

but since thursday i've been having cramps & by yesterday (sat.) they're worse & now today have been an all day thing & hurt like hell on & off. along with my inner thighs having a sensation of strainish/hurt type feeling.. oh yes & dont forget the lower back.. yeah thats an ouchy.

plus, the heartburn. cant forget that for sure.

all of this is kinda like a flu feeling, but i have my appetite. hmm.

come on mommies, help a girl out! =)